Retrowave Shaders

Some shaders to help produce a retrowave theme. Built with the unity shader graph so you need the new rendering pipeline (URP) to use them. Colors can be changed via the material to suit the mood of your game. If bloom is being used in the post-processing layer then the glowing effect can be controlled by the intensity slider in the color picker for each material.

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Auto Parallax Scrolling

Auto Parallax Scrolling is a simple yet powerful script that adds parallax scrolling to your 2D game environments.
The script can also produce a seamless infinite scrolling environment for your game.

This script gives you complete control over which axis you want to parallax, the intensity of the effect, and even the direction you want the effect to happen, providing an easy way to create truly dynamic game scenes.

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Color Sequencer

Add a color sequencing effect to your games. Works on both materials and lights. A simple script that allows you to sequence a set of colors for a Material or a Light in Unity. Uses a custom inspector editor so configuring the script is very quick and easy.

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